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Knowledge Services

VirtualSchool’s Knowledge Services is designed to address and solve specific critical academic content and knowledge issues. VirtualSchool academic team has more than 150 combined years of experience in developing customized content for schools and to turn the content into usable knowledge.

Knowledge Services Solutions Are Arranged Around:

Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services start from searching; editing and compiling Internet based educational information on new course identification,

introduction, providing a wider audience base to your school courses, and brand development for the feasible services and courses identified. VirtualSchool’ customized solutions offer an immediate consultation and an in depth market intelligence report for your projects.

Content Services

VirtualSchool’ academic team develops and assembles all the content required for your new subject launches and research projects. Our network includes individuals with expertise in areas of science, math, and technology.

Assignments, Project Reports, Quizzes, Course Material, Course Documents, Business Plans etc are some of the components of our Content Services.

Project Planning

Project Planning services include an in depth business plan for your projects. VirtualSchool provides you with analytical reports on competitive environment, break-even periods, including strategy inputs. 

Analysis and Implementation

VirtualSchool helps you in implementing the project on the following grounds:

  1. Turn Key
  2. Joint Venture
  3. Collaboration
  4. Partnership
  5. Time based Contract
  6. Agency