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At Kaizen, quality is like integrity - non-negotiable. We pursue quality with a missionary zeal and have put in place robust processes to ensure that we deliver quality with ISO 9000 consistency. Our holistic, enterprise wide quality approach integrates multiple quality processes to deliver measurable business benefits with enhanced productivity, cost savings and faster time-to-market.

Due to our quality assurance processes and tools, we address quality in depth along the whole development cycle. Systematic client feedback loops, combined with the use of quality measurement tools, are key elements in our quality assurance process.

Continuous learning is part of our culture, a way of enhancing our competitive advantage. Every project adds a valuable and unique experience to the already existing knowledge, thus enhancing our quality assurance process.


At Kaizen Technologies ‘Quality’ is like a race without a finish line. We continuously improve our standards and deliver Quality solutions first time and improved Quality every time.

Salient Features of our Quality program

  • Ensures that most of our projects are completed on schedule
  • Defect prevention - Post release defect rates at less than 0.2 per KLOC, amongst the lowest in the industry
  • Cycle time reduction due to lower rework rate
  • Cost of failure avoidance and high project visibility.

What it means for you?

The assurance that quality on your project will never be compromised be it product, process or service quality. That's why we are a preferred partner for global leaders.