COVID-19 Response From Kaizen


Why Kaizen

Our clients choose us for the quality of our technical resources, our processes and our intense focus on IT. The technology sector is our sole market and we are committed to serving it better than anyone else.

At KAIZEN, we make sure that our more than 1,000 clients have both the right people and the right teams in place. We have highly trained IT consultants and support staff helping our customers meet their IT objectives — whether they are small businesses, large companies, service organizations, or governmental agencies. Our commitment to excellence shows in our understanding of our customers' businesses, our industry expertise, and our ability to provide a full suite of IT solutions. And, our best-in-class recruiting processes and technologies — and proven methodologies — precisely match client requirements with the consultants needed to get the job done. That’s how we are able to consistently exceed client expectations.

  • Intensive Recruiting Process:

The KAIZEN recruitment methodology, refined over 10 years of industry experience, assesses consultants for both quantifiable qualifications and intangible qualities such as professional attitude, personal character, and cultural fit.

  • Industry Verticals & Technology Domains:

KAIZEN is committed to providing the most experienced and knowledgeable consultants in the IT industry. We ensure our consultants have expertise both in Industry Verticals as well as Technology areas.

  • Higher Education & Certifications from leading IT firms in the industry:

Most of our employees have Certifications from the leading IT / Domain firms in varied technologies. This is an ongoing process and our consultants are rewarded for latest certifications. Apart from this, all our employees have either a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

  • Cross-Training in Cutting-edge Technologies:

Kaizen provides in-house training in latest technologies, ensuring that our employees are well-versed with the new tools and languages. This benefits our clients as they need not hire more staff to get the job done.

  • High Retention:

We have the highest employee retention rates in the industry, due to the various tangible and intangible benefits we offer to our employees.

  • High degree of Quality:

Quality and Continuous Improvement are our daily rituals, which are religiously put in to practice in all the services we offer.

  • Large Pool of IT Resources:

We have access to about 25000 resources in various technologies and domains in USA & India . Our resource base includes Citizens, Permanent residents, H1s, etc

  • Dedicated Staff:

We have dedicated staff in Sales, Recruiting, Project-Cordination, HR, Accounting, etc to take care of our Customer’s and Employee needs. Our staff consists of highly experienced and trained in all the above mentioned critical areas.