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Kaizen adheres to a formalized Outsourcing Methodology to insure maximum benefits and cost savings to our customers.

As can be seen from the figure below, this hybrid methodology is centered on high quality standards and ongoing customer satisfaction.

Kaizen begins all software development projects by extensively interacting with the client to understand exactly the client's requirement, dilemma, desires, budget and people.

In a collaborative effort, Kaizen determines the scope and requirements of the project while providing technology advice, and business process analysis. At this stage, Kaizen often rapid prototypes a sample solution for further review by the client before full-scale development begins.

After generating a user requirements document and functional specification, Kaizen proceeds to make an effort estimate for the project deliverables and budgets any necessary capital and operating costs. Kaizen typically engages in fixed-price, fixed-length contracts with clear deliverable schedules, which gives clients a much more transparent view of their projects, where they can actively control costs and delivery schedules. This contractual arrangement places Kaizen uniquely amongst other outsourcing providers more accustomed to the traditional time and materials costing, where consultants are often placed on projects to satisfy growing manpower requirements. In fixed-price, fixed-length contracts, Kaizen approaches development from a total team perspective, and is as cost-conscious and goal-oriented as our clients.

Additionally, we develop all of our client solutions at our own world class development centre, in Hyderabad , India . Developing on our site enables us to strictly implement and monitor our project management processes, and allows us to conduct testing and system integration in a completely controlled environment. Once contracts are executed, Kaizen drafts the Software Development Plan which includes the Work Breakdown Structure (engineer tasks breakdown and time estimates for high-level design, low-level design, design document reviews, coding, code reviews, test cases development, unit testing and integration testing) budgeting and cost estimates, communication protocols, key points of contact, risk assessment and planning, document control plan, quality assurance and test plan, client hand over and acceptance plan, and maintenance and support plan if necessary.

The core of our development philosophy revolves around teamwork. Our teams are completely customer-centric in their approach and very versatile, allowing them to develop all module solutions from back-end databases and network interfacing, to middleware selection and deployment, onwards to front-end user interfaces.

Kaizen inherently absorbs the risk of fixed-price, fixed-length development contracts because of its confidence first and foremost in its people, and its resounding faith in its project management processes and delivery methodologies which have consistently satisfied clients.