COVID-19 Response From Kaizen


Maintenance & Support

In tune with the business growth cycle we need to make positive enhancements to our web presence reflecting the same. We constantly have to update  content, images & pictures, news & press releases, new jobs openings, changes to promotions & offers and new products & services. Your web application’s ongoing operations and administration are now at your fingertips.

  • Updates to content, create new pages or edit existing pages, add or change images & banners, change the promotions
  • Optimize web pages and graphics for speed & performance
  • Bug fixing, tweaking and enhancements for site facelift
  • Traffic analysis & site performance monitoring
  • Upgrading site software, patches and plug-ins
  • Setting up & integrating third party services like Google Analytics, Webmaster tools, Affiliate tracking systems
  • Monthly, weekly or daily backups depending on your requirement to ensure data security & business continuity

Drupal production- website support

Apart from the development cycle, post production or after going live on-going support is the critical part of the journey to eventual success. We deeply understand the aesthetics of it and completely support our client to achieve that very success.

Key highlights -

  • Automated backups as per custom requirements
  • Timely core & contributed updates
  • System administration
  • GUI reporting of production data
  • Custom reporting