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AP Practice Center

VirtualSchool AP Exam Practice Center is a revolutionary proprietary software technology of VirtualSchool, Students in grades.

8-12 can practice exams, review their past performances, and track progress and improvements.

How does the VirtualSchool Practice Center work?

  1. A powerful Exam Engine drives the VirtualSchool Practice Center .
  2. Questions are generated on a random basis from a question bank of more than 17,000 questions, virtually eliminating the possibility of a question being repeated.
  3. Practice AP Calculus AB , AP Calculus BC , AP Physics B and AP Physics C, with reference to topic(s) selection.
  4. Students are free to select any number of questions, practice and review their performance.

Students can select to:

  1. Practice an exam
  2. Check their past performances

Practice an Exam

  1. Students can choose to set a time option (to simulate a real test taking environment) and select the desired number of questions.
  2. A student can mark a question for later review before finishing the exam.
  3. At the completion of the exam an evaluation score is presented to the student, and posted to their past performances grade book.

Check Performance

  1. VirtualSchool Practice Center provides five types of performance analysis methods, to allow a student to focus on the specific areas requiring additional practice.
  2. Students can check their performances based on exam dates.
  3. Topic and subject performance analysis provides a clear picture of a student’s capabilities in those areas.
  4. Sub topic performance analysis provides direction to the student for further study and improvements.
  5. Student can select the Exam Review option and get detailed analysis, including reviewing their answers and the correct answers for all the questions.
  6. A Day-to-Day performance report provides the student with a trends performance database for historical reference and to track their improvements.

Minimum System Requirements

  • A Personal Computer (PC)
  • A web browser, like Internet Explorer (IE) ver 5.0 or Netscape Navigator 6.0).

The subscription version includes questions in proportion with the Advance Placement Exam. You can experience a real time test-taking environment with the relevant percentage of questions from each sub topic of AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Physics B and AP Physics C.