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Voice Biometrics A Major Choice for Security and Healthcare Says Edison Firm

Monday, 31 August, 2020 - 23:54


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Tue, Aug 25, 2020

                                                                       Voice Biometrics A Major Choice for Security and Healthcare Says Edison Firm


EDISON, N.J. — Voice biometrics is shaping up as a major choice for security and healthcare in 2020. For example, Edison based Kaizen Secure Voiz (KSV), a respected leader in the voice biometrics industry, services a leading national security firm employing hundreds with more than 50% mobile guards in the field.

These personnel are spread throughout many organizations all over the nation. Mobile staff report to work in varying and decentralized locations. Another customer KSV services is an overseas hospital employing a workforce of hundreds of doctors and healthcare workers, more than 75% are mobile in the field. These employees are spread throughout their primary healthcare facilities and all over their country often visiting patients.

Keeping track of staff working in decentralized locations and hours is a laborious and time-consuming task. Web-based timecard submissions are not feasible for mobile workers who have no immediate access to the internet. To effectively manage and track these widely-dispersed personnel, the security firm and hospital rely on KSV’s IVR-based voice biometric time and attendance system.

This workforce management tool has been an efficiency breakthrough for KSV customers, reducing labor costs, improving data accuracy and speeding up the payroll process. It is also a system highly valued by mobile staffers for its outstanding level of convenience that enables them to report their hours from anywhere and anytime.

To record and submit their working hours, customers mobile employees simply dial a toll-free number to access the IVR system. When prompted by voice cues, callers speak out their pass phrase (language and text independent) under 10 seconds. This IVR is preprogrammed to automatically understand their deployment location and time zone and update the same to the client’s backend systems.

Call Centers are another industry using KSV’s patented advanced authentication technologies. This is a low cost, more efficient and secure method for call centers to verify caller identity. A caller’s voice password is set passively. When they call in again, they use natural speech for authentication, this provides significant time savings and allows representatives to focus on the higher-value tasks rather than the verification process, while also providing convenience for the caller.

“An enterprise can very easily adopt Kaizen Secure Voiz voice biometric product lineup when a customer reaches out to their contact center for any service or you can ask for explicit consent from customers and proactively enroll them,” states Ashok Krish, President of Kaizen Secure Voiz. “It’s user-friendly, safer, cost-effective and with user education can help one overcome any challenges faced.”

KSV’s patented voice biometrics & speech analytics software has also made contactless authentication possible without having to place hands anywhere near a scanner or take off face masks now required in public as a safety precaution. The technology allows enterprises to assess the nature of a transaction and determine which authentication levels are needed to successfully authorize a purchase helping to also reduce identity thefts. It uses the power of voice biometrics to automatically recognize a speaker by voice and to search for a specific speaker in an archive of speech records. KSV’s advanced technology allows verification of the caller by his/her voice against thousands of voiceprints.

“Voice biometrics is emerging as a solution for AI-based behavior security, tracking and composite risk-based authentication,” says Krish. KSV has developed advanced technologies to automatically extract the maximum amount of valuable information from spoken speech to identify, verify a user and provide analytics such as gender and age estimation as part of its speech data mining portfolio.

“Kaizen Secure Voice is committed to improving contactless biometrics security for use both from a technological advantage point and as a safety precaution during these uncertain times and in the future,”