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Poconos PA: Snow tubing on Sunday March 13th 2011

Sunday, 13 March, 2011 - 09:16

A delightful day for a picnic, riding a school bus brought squeals of pleasure from every Kaizenite who were onboard. The yellow bus drove past the winding uphill into the slopes of pocono’s Mountains. The snowy destination presented a spectacular view and we wasted no time   after a quick meal in descending on it with complete gear. Each group of four had to tug a huge rubber tube up the icy hill. Once on top they would fit in snugly and wait for a gentle shove from   the summit guard. Wheeeeeeee down the group went sliding in the midst of screaming ecstatic group. Although it is exhausting labor to haul all the way to top some Kaizenites took more than 3 rounds. Finally at 4pm we called it a day and returned to Edison to break after a hot cup of tea.