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Kaizen Secure Voiz has been short listed startup to solve Bharath Access issue

Wednesday, 23 September, 2020 - 03:08

TiE has selected Kaizen Secure Voiz’s IVRS based Tele Teacher system from a list of 120+ startup. The result for the TiE Learning Challenges 2020,the shortlisted startups will now be taken through an intensive mentorship program for 3 months and work towards solving the Bharath Access issue for the non-smartphone world with the guidance of our partners and mentors from AWS EdStart,Yuwa-UNICEF and Head Held High.
We are delighted to announce our shortlisted Startups 

Kaizen Secure Voiz | Tactopus | @Wonder Sky | Zaya Learning Labs | Chie Media Pvt Ltd | Clearly Blue Digital